Best Marketing Tips Roundup Issue #1

There are over 150 search results for the term “Digital Marketing Tips” that were published just in the last 24 hours of writing this. Consider the hundreds of other marketing terms like “SEO”, “PPC”, “User Acquisition”, and we begin to get an idea of the amount of content that gets published every single day in this sphere.

How do we ensure we don’t miss the best marketing tips? Over time, I have come up with an elaborate process – I have subscribed to over 250 quality marketing blogs and I have set up some nifty Google alerts. I have setup smart filters, tags and flags that help me pick the very best of content published every day.

Once a week, usually on a Sunday morning, I sit down with a cup of Americano and go over these posts. After months of tweaking, I am confident that I have got my filters and flags as close to machine-driven perfection as possible. Fairly happy with my system, and looking to brag a little, I have decided to share 10 marketing tips and stories that I find every week with you folks. Hope this helps you as much as it helps me!

Best Marketing Tips of the Week

Last week, among several high-quality content published, here are 10 that I found absolutely stellar in information and the helpful quotient. From tips to get more creative with your content, to the psychology behind the language of PPC campaigns – plenty of marketing goodness for you to munch over.

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