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Smart Marketing for Services, SMBs & Local Businesses

At MarHack, we are reinventing local marketing for global and national brands and their affiliates. We market when and where we can reach your prospective customers across multiple decision-making points and media channels – while preserving and strengthening the power of your brand. We make local marketing easy and affordable.

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We Build Compelling Brands

MarHack delivers local marketing campaigns with unprecedented speed, simplicity and accuracy. We attain aggressive marketing reach while protecting brand standards, and creating the most relevant, compelling and timely local messaging.

Locally Targeted

Accurate messaging, timely delivery and unprecedented audience targeting lets us reach people most likely to become your customers.

Revenue Driven

We understand that at the end of it, if your marketing efforts do not generue revenue, nothing else matters. We focus on sales while building memorable brands.

Brand Focused

We don’t just market; we bulld relationships with your customers. We create brands that your patrons will love, can relate with, and the one they keep coming back to.

Restaurants, Pubs, Spas & More

From restaurants, cafés, bars, pubs, and boutiques to spas and tattoo parlours, we know how to reach your prospective customers with messaging that delights, attracts, and converts. We ensure your brand is discovered at the right time by the right people, in the right context.

Precise Targeting

Our targeting expertise doesn’t end with cuisine preferences, fashion choices, age, gender or location. We look at countless other flags like social signals, past purchase history, proxy interests, approaching life events and lots more to find you the people who are most likely to convert into paying customers.

Influencer Marketing

We work with niche bloggers, social media stalwarts, magazine/newspaper columnists, and other influencers to create content and deliver messages that reaches your target audience through people they trust.

Content, Branding & SEO

We combine well crafted local search engine optimisation tactics with immersive content to drive high-intent and inspired traffic to your business. We know the nuts and bolts that make inbound content marketing, branding and SEO work together for your business.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is a tricky thing. It requires time sensitivity and carefully measured outreaches or responses. We review and respond in real time to social media mentions, online reviews, editorial critiques and more.

Research . Measure . Scale

Customer discovery doesn’t end with just identifying the main pain point your business is trying to solve, or which demography resonates the most with your messaging. MarHack creates some of the most detailed user personas across industries. We look at social signals, run sentiment analysis, monitor thousands of online conversations across niche communities, forums and survey data.

We run competitive analysis at a level that’s unheard of. MarHack doesn’t just run analysis on your USP competitors (businesses who have similar offerings or products as yours), but also on your perceptive and actual competitors on search networks, mobile app stores and social media. We reverse engineer growth using hardcore data.

At MarHack, we believe activity without data is meaningless. MarHack has never worked on a project where the primary KPI's were top-level numbers such as just traffic, "impressions" and "views". We attribute each of tracked events to their respective granular triggers.

What that means, we don't say, "x number of people came from Facebook". We'll tell you "x number of people came from Facebook by clicking on this post and performed better than the number of people who came from Twitter by clicking on that tweet". We use industry leading tools for event attribution as part of our daily workflows.


At MarHack, we have actively avoid working on plain "acceleration projects" where the only focus is only to generate traffic, social media followers, get cheap mobile app installs or grow email lists overnight. We think about sustainable growth from the word go and no task is too small or big for us. We have completely redesigned websites, implemented analytics, customer support platforms, have acquired users, implemented lean product management methodologies and even helped products pivot successfully.

MarHack's only goal is holistic business growth. We don't do "blackbox marketing" where results are delivered magically. We share each of our strategies, tactics and processes in complete details so that you can do them yourself.


We focus on your service’s discoverability, reach, lead generation, trust building and conversions. From law firms, B2B serivces like digital design and development agencies, home interior decorators to recruitment and management firms, we know how to identify your target audience and get you in front of them.

Accurate Reach

We understand when to reach your audience with what messaging. We create detailed customer personas, identify their specific pain points, create messaging that focuses on their problems and deliver high-converting touch points.

Reactive Marketing

A large untapped pool of potential customers that businesses often overlook is existing social and content signals from people looking for your services. We identify people actively seeking help and proactively market to them.

Local SEO

80% of all local businesses generate the largest share of their leads & customers from organic search. We place you ahead of your competition by focusing on highly accurate search terms and optimising your website for local SEO.

Inbound Content Marketing

We ideate, strategise and create content tailor-made for your customer personas and their buyer journey stages. We know how to make Inbound Content Marketing actually work towards generating leads and revenue.

At MarHack, we are breaking barriers of quality marketing by making it accessible to businesses irrespective of their size

At the core of our business is a philosophy and operational model that’s breaking the stereotypes of outsourced marketing. We empower ourselves with technology and deliver with a human touch that’s unprecedented in the marketing services industry. See how we do things differently and how it can benefit you.
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Local Events, Attractions, Leisure

From niche attractions like museums, art galleries, and gardens to experience centres and local events, we know how to target better, deliver targeted content, build brands, and grow your foot falls, sales and revenue.

Intent Driven Targeting

It is not only important to identify your right target audience, it is equally vital to deliver the right message in the right context – when their purchase intent is at the highest. We communicate your offerings at precisely the right time.

Smart Distribution

We identify the right local vendors, affiliates and distributors for your business and work closely with them. We form models that make business sense while maintaining your brand integrity minus the hassle.


We ensure that your attraction, events, and leisure venue’s offerings are discovered by not just locals in your area, but also the right visitors. 25% of local business sales come from visitors. We know how to target the right demography.

Collateral Sales

We know how to maximise your business revenue by strategizing and executing sales strategies for all your business assets – starting from your core product, attraction or service, to all your upsells.

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