Marketing Approach

marhack is a customer acquisition, growth and marketing solution built for the now.

Learn how we drive business outcomes with the absolute best in organic distribution, content, paid media, influencer marketing, social and everything in between.

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At marhack, there are no gimmicks. We apply marketing principles and hacks that we collectively have learned from being in accelerated startup environments for close to a decade, delivering results that reached millions of users across different products.

We believe quality marketing does not need to cost a fortune, we are thrifty and stay away from any kind of marketing bloat - we are lean and make things work.


  • Growth Strategy & User Acquisition
  • Advanced Facebook + Instagram Advertising
  • Content Amplification & Distribution
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Lead Acquisition & Nurturing
  • Content Amplification & Distribution
  • Branding & Social Selling

Lean Approach

"I change my mind when the facts change. What do you do?” - John Maynard Keynes

We drive growth by delivering precise messaging to your specific target audience by leveraging platform nuances. We make creative use of data and dramatically reduce waste while maximising conversions.

We root out guesswork from marketing and deliver precise forecasts, targeting, strategies, and results.


We're thrifty
We fight for your money
We're resourceful


We focus on your primary KPI
We drive results to the bottom line
We’re creative and adaptive


We give transparent reports
We expand your team
We comb through data

Data Driven

"Be thrifty, but not covetous” - George Herbert

We are data nerds at the core of our DNA. We scour through data, connect the dots and detect patterns where you never thought anything existed before. We drive growth by using data to predict conversion drop-offs, expected activity windows and cost estimates. We reverse engineer success.

Single KPI

We're focused
We model everything
We're rigorous

Constant Learning

We're ever learning
We are humble
We constantly optimise

We're Scientific

We’re experiment
We’ll test everything
We detect patterns in your data

Our Marketing & Tech Stack

...and many more

Growth Focused

""Growth is never by mere chance” - James Cash Penney

We set benchmarks, we build roadmaps and break down growth into monthly and weekly goals. We stick to our numbers, explain without gimmicks when we fail, and start over stronger. We are focused on growth and take on every partner as our own business agenda.


We're ever testing
We're constantly innovating
We're relentless


We create stunning reports
We hide nothing
High work ethics is our religion


We model success
We rever engineer growth
We forecast regularly