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There are very few industries as diverse as travel. While serving the same customer base, the business goals differ massively from hotels to attractions, to travel solution providers and services (and within the B2C and B2B segments). MarHack understands travel. Period. We know how to dissect a problem, strategise winning tactics and deliver results beyond expectations.

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We Understand Travel & Build Compelling Brands

I have spent close to a decade accelerating travel products, often from inception to rapid business growth. That does not happen if we didn’t understand the industry. Travel is unique in its diverse pain points. The challenges of a backpacker are significantly different from those of a frequent business traveller, to family travellers.

The KPI’s of a travel app are very different than those for a hotel or a National Park. We talk in terms of LTV, Room Nights, Footfalls, Itineraries, Booking Ratios and more.

15 Million Qualified Unique Leads

Generate over 15 million in unique and qualified high travel intent visitors consistently across 5 years.

100,000 Active Users in 3 Months

Over 100,000 high CLV revenue generating luxury hotel app users acquired in three months.

300% ROI on Marketing Spends

Increased the ROI of high budget (avg ad spends over $200k/yr) marketing spends by 300%, taking spends to revenue ratio to 1:3

Hotels & Hospitality

How does a hotel capitalise on both tourist and local guests? Is it possible to beat referral sales at all? How does one build brand advocacy? How can we increase room nights booked, increase advance booking windows? How does a bed-and-breakfast attract the right guest and increase repeat customers? Is social selling even possible?

The Right Guests

“Any guest” is not your guest. We target not just based on demography but also social signals, interest proxies & scores of other data points to ensure that your business attracts the kind of guests you care for.

Beyond OTA's

A large number of travellers prefer connecting directly with properties before they book. We connect you with prospective guests directly through social media advertising, content and search to maximise revenue.

Branding & Content

We do social like it was meant to be done. We connect, converse as humans and mine for touch points with your prospective customers in real time. We create & distribute content that gives real, measurable business value.

Local & Global SEO

“Pet friendly ski resorts”, “hotels with pool and babysitter”, “BnB with spa”. These are real online searches. We make sure you get discovered by the right people at the right time, no matter where they are searching from.

How do travellers discover & book hotels and alternate accommodations?


Hotels & Alt. Acco. Discovery and Bookings Report 2017

MarHack spoke to 1500 real travellers across the globe. I took care to keep the demographic, ethnic, lifestyle subsets balanced. This was not an online survey. I talked to each of these people over the phone and some conversations were 30 mins to 1 hour long. The report took 6 months to prepare with two dedicated resources.

How do people discover the right hotels today? What makes for a good deal? How much do reviews matter? How are they consumed? Why do travellers call hotels before/after booking? How do alternative accommodations (like B’n’B’s) stack up against traditional hotels?

Also included a step-by-step process on how to conduct rock-solid customer discovery exercises. It is the most comprehensive guide on the topic available online. Hands down!

Parks & Attractions

From national parks, reserved forests, camping grounds and hiking trails to niche attractions like museums, galleries, gardens and experience centres, we know how to target better, deliver meaningful messaging, build brands, and grow revenue.

Better Targeting

Are parents with toddlers within 5 mile radius your biggest return visitors? Do occassional hikers from local adventure clubs drive up your sales? With targeting right people with right messaging, we build  tangible connections that sell.

Influencer Marketing

Word of mouth, recommendations on online platforms and digital publications have a massive impact on decision making of prospective guests/visitors. We work with niche influencers to deliver your brand message to the right audience.

Branding & Content

How does a reserve forest, a hiking trail, or a botanical garden connect on social media? What kind of content actually attracts prospective visitors and compells them to share it? We create brands that are human, memorable and exciting.

Collateral Sales

We know how to maximise your business revenue by strategizing and executing sales strategies for all your business assets – starting from paid tours, in-property accommodations, events, and everything in between, without taking the focus away from your key goals.

Travel brands I have helped grow

At MarHack, we are breaking barriers of quality marketing by making it accessible to businesses irrespective of its size.

At the core of our business is a philosophy and operational model that’s breaking the stereotypes of outsourced marketing. We empower ourselves with technology and deliver with a human touch that’s unprecedented in the marketing services industry. See how we do things differently and how it can benefit you.

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Digital Startups

We talk in terms of LTV, attrition rate, spend-to-revenue ratio, advanced booking windows, unique visits and other metrics that make business sense. There’s no magic or “packages” to buy. We extend your team and focus on delivering results that create real brand value.

Apps & Services

Marhack does holistic product marketing by focusing on KPI’s deep down transaction and engagement funnels. MarHack doesn’t just get users, we retain them and turn them into brand advocates.

Budget Spectrum

The key pain points of travellers vary significantly as we move along the budget spectrum. It’s often not about the “best price guarantee”. We know how to get the right message to the right people at the right time.

Accomodation Bookings

MarHack understands how accommodation discovery & booking products work and what it takes to grow them. We know how to acquire users who convert and maximise their LTV by employing lean product marketing.

Trip Planners

At the core of MarHack’s experience in travel marketing is trip planning. Having helped plan over 10,000 trips from real travellers, MarHack knows the dynamics of trip planning like few others.

Research . Measure . Scale

Customer discovery doesn’t end with just identifying the main pain point your business is trying to solve, or which demography resonates the most with your messaging. MarHack creates some of the most detailed user personas across industries. We look at social signals, run sentiment analysis, monitor thousands of online conversations across niche communities, forums and survey data.

We run competitive analysis at a level that’s unheard of. MarHack doesn’t just run analysis on your USP competitors (businesses who have similar offerings or products as yours), but also on your perceptive and actual competitors on search networks, mobile app stores and social media. We reverse engineer growth using hardcore data.

At MarHack, we believe activity without data is meaningless. MarHack has never worked on a project where the primary KPI's were top-level numbers such as just traffic, "impressions" and "views". We attribute each of tracked events to their respective granular triggers.

What that means, we don't say, "x number of people came from Facebook". We'll tell you "x number of people came from Facebook by clicking on this post and performed better than the number of people who came from Twitter by clicking on that tweet". We use industry leading tools for event attribution as part of our daily workflows.


At MarHack, we have actively avoid working on plain "acceleration projects" where the only focus is only to generate traffic, social media followers, get cheap mobile app installs or grow email lists overnight. We think about sustainable growth from the word go and no task is too small or big for us. We have completely redesigned websites, implemented analytics, customer support platforms, have acquired users, implemented lean product management methodologies and even helped products pivot successfully.

MarHack's only goal is holistic business growth. We don't do "blackbox marketing" where results are delivered magically. We share each of our strategies, tactics and processes in complete details so that you can do them yourself.

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