MarHack SAAS Growth Marketing

SAAS growth marketing done right.

Marhack is a suite of growth marketing services specifically designed for SAAS businesses. We delivered over $100M in combined ARR in the last five years.

Marhack saas growth marketing

Drive a high LTV, revenue-positive business.

Marhack helps you attract, convert, and retain more users.

Cost-effective user acquisition with a positive return on advertising spends. We acquire high LTV customers.

Sign up, onboarding and trial funnel optimizations to yield more funnel conversions for the investment.

Reliable analytics, attribution and data pipelining setups needed to make informed business decisions. 


Acquire the right users at the right cost.

Marhack takes a unique channel-agnostic approach to user acquisition; combining the best across search engine marketing, display and social, affiliate and programmatic ad placements to the acquire engaged users at an economical cost. 

marhack user acquisition

— Search Engine Marketing

Effective and scalable SEM and media buying that channels high buying-intent traffic to your brand.

— Display and Social

Data-driven retargeting, display and programmatic marketing that efficiently increases your reach.

— Affiliate and Partner

Proven, scalable and reliable affiliate relationship-building that drives high-volume user growth.

MARHACK funnel optimization
// CRO & funnel optimization

Drive more conversions and increase your average revenue per account.

Have a systematic Conversion Rate Optimization strategy implemented for your business that looks to constantly improve your funnel click through rates and throughput, thereby generating more revenue and user growth.

— Conversion Rate Optimization

We implement a structured approach to CRO, going systematically from the top of the funnel through to advertising channels. 

— Funnel Optimization

We build a bulletproof funnel and constantly optimize upon it, based on data and experimentation.

— Pricing and Merchandizing

We run periodical competitive study on pricing and merchandising, and implement tests to see which yields the highest LTV.


Attribute effectively, improve engagement and increase LTV.

We implement reliable data and marketing intelligence engines that fuel informed product marketing, onboarding and lifecycle marketing and allow for data-driven decision making. 

Marhack Product Marketing

— Attribution

Know where your customers are coming from and which channels are driving the most revenue.

— Integration

Have an integrated growth stack built for you with systems that seamlessly talk to one another. 

— Forecasting

Have data-driven user and revenue growth forecasting done periodically that give you a realistic view. 

// Marhack stacks

Build a hyper-optimized marketing stack for your SAAS business.

Custom stacks for your entire sales, marketing and retention engine.

Cut vendor costs and make your systems work better together.

Marhack Marketing stack

What is your stack priority?

— Marketing efficiency

Everything you need to attract traffic, capture leads and convert them into paying customers.

— Sales productivity

Give your sales team the optimal infrastructure and information to close deals more quickly and efficiently.

— Lifecycle marketing

Drive sales, retain customers and create brand advocates with tools that weave through different lifecycle stages. 

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How is Marhack different?

Marhack applies years of proven SAAS growth strategies that are reverse engineered to drive ROAS-positive impact.

— We get SAAS

SAAS is in our DNA. We understand the dynamic of this business model better than most. 

— ROAS Driven and thrifty

Everything we do is reverse engineered to deliver positive ROAS and we do this by being thrifty.

— Channel and platform agnostic

No one platform or channel works for every business and so we remain agnostic in our preferences and choice of tools.