Growing brands for 15 years

Marhack is an Ottawa based full-spectrum growth and platform optimization solution for growing businesses. 

Proven strategies and business process backed by numbers.

SEO audits and full-service SEO management powered by the best and the most complete data in the industry. Take advantage of our access and expertise over a database that has crawled 6 billion web pages, 12 trillion known links, 200 million root domains, and 3 trillion URLs.

1000000 +
Yearly attributed revenue
5000 +
Monthly B2B leads
15 +
5000000 +
Attributed traffic
— our method

Platform, channel and strategy agnostic growth

We reverse engineer the right blend of tactics, channels and tools needed for your growth. Marhack's uniqueness lies in speed, agility and in being thrifty - delivering exponential growth with the highest possible ROI.
Optimize for interactions, clicks and conversions. Maximize the reach and potential of your marketing platforms.
Increase sales productivity, route leads better, close deals faster, upsell more efficiently and keep leads engaged longer.
Campaign, ad and session level attribution. Connect the dots between spends, leads, LTV and retention.
Onboard customers better, create efficient upgrade paths, understand feature adoption, expose help content better.

“Marhack was an absolute pleasure to work with. They are able to articulate and make complex issues more understandable for the team. Marhack has a results-oriented attitude, which lead to the growth of e27.”

Mohan Belani
Founder & CEO, e27.co

"Marhack donned every hat from creating content, leading customer discovery, running our social media to running all our marketing efforts. They been an incredible asset with their infectious energy and diligence. Will work with them in a heartbeat anytime."

Anshuman Bapna
CPO, MakeMyTrip

Made in Ottawa

Bringing world class growth marketing and tech back into the city.

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Growth stories and lessons

Inbox noise is a major problem. We are trying to fight it one Marhack growth digest at a time by delivering real value. Get actionable growth lessons and real-world success stories.


Marhack was created with a singular philosophy – that disruptive marketing needed to be democratized. In the last 8 years we have helped over 20 businesses achieve exponential growth.


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