MarHack SAAS Growth Marketing

// CRO & funnel optimization

Drive conversions and increase your revenue.

We build extensive CRO and funnel optimization workflows to increase revenue, combat cart abandonment, and create stellar digital experiences that convert.

MARHACK funnel optimization

See your conversion metrics go up every quarter.

We adopt a better-than-last-month philosophy for product and marketing experimentation that will see your core KPIs incrementally better over time.

Discover what is limiting your conversion rates.

We set up listening elements and experiment structures towards discovering funnel drop-offs and pinpointing the exact bottlenecks in your funnel that are preventing people from converting. 


By setting up micro events, goals, and reverse goal paths to understand user behaviour inside your funnels. 

Amplify your revenue and unit purchases through constant optimization.

We create a strategic roadmap for pricing, merchandizing and value-selling implemented for your businesses. We experiment with limited time offers, dynamic deals and exclusive partner offers to see what kind of incentives drive the most user growth.


By creating unique experiences on source traffic and pairing them with non-overlapping packaging to see which performs better. 

// platform solutions

We play well with your CRO platforms of choice.

We are deeply experienced in leading both platform-driven and native web testing, and experience optimization tools.

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Lift in trial conversions

"What amazed us the most was just how much money we were leaving on the table before they come on board!"

Susan G.
VP of Sales & Marketing


Implement a systematic CRO and funnel optimization roadmap for your product.

Get free access to the same CRO roadmap template we use to drive results for our partners.

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How is Marhack different?

Marhack applies years of proven SAAS growth strategies that are reverse engineered to drive ROAS-positive impact.

— We get SAAS

SAAS is in our DNA. We understand the dynamic of this business model better than most. 

— ROAS Driven and thrifty

Everything we do is reverse engineered to deliver positive ROAS and we do this by being thrifty.

— Channel and platform agnostic

No one platform or channel works for every business and so we remain agnostic in our preferences and choice of tools.