Automation, intelligence and growth marketing solutions​

Increase the ROI of your marketing efforts, get more value out of the tools you use and gain competitive advantage using cutting-edge data intelligence.

Channel-agnostic growth marketing services

Let us find the most cost-effective and high ROI blend of channels and strategies to drive your end goals.


Automate your marketing strategies, connect tools to ensure multichannel touch points with prospects.


Generate qualified leads, boost SEO and effectively nurture leads through buyer journey stages and workflow automation.


Accurately attribute leads and sales to their originating sources and identify touch points that helped them convert.

Product marketing

Onboard customers, discovery personas and channel users through conversion funnels and pay walls.

Ad automation

Optimized audience building, exclusion tactics and multichannel re-marketing to reach meaningful audiences.

— proven results

KPI driven with proven results for over a decade

We apply solutions that have seen results and are focused on delivering positive ROI. We have done this for over 10 years for 15+ brands across the globe.
1 M+
Monthly traffic
5800 +
Qualified leads/mo
$ 50 K+
50 K+
App installs/mo
— Managed services

Optimized strategies and tactics for every marketing channel

SEM & PPC Services

Reduce cost per conversion, reach undiscovered search queries, improve your quality scores, click-through-rates and extract bottom-line results.


Organic, sustainable search engine optimization based on data science, competitive intelligence and reverse engineered for organic discocery.

Lead Generation

End-to-end lead generation service that remains agnostic to any one source. Generate leads at an optimal CPL.


Reach audiences that are most likely to convert, remarket website visitors effectively, supplement your content, drive sales, leads and app installs.


Get better with your deliver rates, improve your open, click, customize content for each subscriber and improve your conversion rates.


Maximize the ROI of your sales, marketing and data platforms

Over 80% of users do not utilize all the features offered by the solutions they purchase. Get more ROI out of the tools you pay for using Marhack’s optimized processes and proven templates.

Set up the perfect autoresponders

Automatically nurture leads

Handoff hot leads to sales

Get started with Marhack

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Growth stories and lessons

Inbox noise is a major problem. We are trying to fight it one Marhack growth digest at a time by delivering real value. Get actionable growth lessons and real-world success stories.


Marhack was created with a singular philosophy – that disruptive marketing needed to be democratized. In the last 8 years we have helped over 20 businesses achieve exponential growth.


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