Inbound funnels that break through content marketing fatigue

Process-driven, proven inbound marketing strategies that generate leads and creates brand equity.


Use content to drive your buyer journey stages

Run personalized content marketing campaigns that nurtures each lead at an individual level, creates meaningful connections and drives up engagements.

journey stages

Unique content, messaging and funnels based on what stage of the buying cycle a lead is in.

buyer personas

Build accurate buyer personas and design customized conversion funnels for each persona. Then use content to drive leads through them.


Deliver content and thought leadership around core problem statements for your audience.


Generate interest towards your product or service by providing in-depth, value-driven solutions.


Get on top of your prospect’s consideration list with relevant case studies and problem-specific solutions materials like guides and templates.


Convert your warm leads by pushing across the right sales hooks relevant to each individual prospect.

– content promotion

Get your content discovered by the right audience

Ensure your content gets in front of the right audience. Cut through the noise with targeted content promotion, intelligent organic distribution, SEO and value-driven influencer marketing.

Effective paid promotion for your content on channels relevant to your business. Exponentially lower your CAC but filling your top-of-the-funnel with qualified leads.


Complete inbound marketing infrastructure

Marhack creates the entire content marketing infrastructure for your business – starting from customer discovery, content creation to distribution, landing pages and email.

Content offers

Efficient and relevant content creation for your target audience - from ideation to design and publishing.

landing pages

Conversion-optimized landing pages for your content offers, intuitive forms and CRM integrations built for you.

email marketing

Effective lead nurturing, conversion tracking and personalized email marketing automation.

content repurposing

Intelligent repurposing of existing and on-going content to reduce your needed content creation budget.

Get started with Marhack

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Growth stories and lessons

Inbox noise is a major problem. We are trying to fight it one Marhack growth digest at a time by delivering real value. Get actionable growth lessons and real-world success stories.


Marhack was created with a singular philosophy – that disruptive marketing needed to be democratized. In the last 8 years we have helped over 20 businesses achieve exponential growth.


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