Qualified leads generated and nurtured for your B2B funnels

Get the kind of leads at the CAC that works for your business model, sales cycle and retention rates.

— LEAD funnels

Go from lead generation to nurturing and sales actions with managed lead funnels

Upgrade your sales and marketing workflow with managed lead funnels. Focus on closing larger deals faster while we take care of everything before that – starting with lead generation through advertising or content, to lead nurturing and post-action handoff to your sales team.
Build target audiences based on your lead and customer data and layering in Marhack audience data, market analysis and customer discovery.
Done-for-you lead magnet and gated content creation and marketing qualified lead generation through content promotion and advertising.
Conversion-oriented and buyer journey based lead nurturing through advanced email marketing automation workflows.
Conversion tracked sales qualified lead generation based on lead-triggered actions - appointments or user registrations.
Audience identification
MQL Generation
Lead nurturing
SQL Conversion
– infrastructure

Create optimized funnels that deliver bottom-line value

Design conversion funnels for your customers and then use proactive guidance to channel them through. Extract more revenue and remove bottlenecks.

Landing pages

Responsive, beautiful, conversion optimized landing pages with ad campaign integrations.

Multi-step interactive forms

Get one-page or multistep forms customized for your business processes.

– collateral

Done-for-you lead magnets and content gating

Get on-brand, high-editorial content created for your lead funnels and each buyer stage and persona. Gate content and generate leads through effective capturing.

Lead magnets

Done-for-you content offers, whitepapers and guides that target the right audience segments.

Interactive forms

Generate qualified leads through multi-step, interactive forms.


Get the type of leads that suite your business needs

Every business’s sales process is unique to itself. We take care to understand your business funnels and generate the type of leads you need.

Get opted-in high intent sales qualified leads nurtured from your marketing contacts or through fresh funnels. Generate SQL’s like demo requests, proposal requests and appointment bookings.


Leverage Big Data with Marhack audiences

Take advantage of anonymized GDPR compliant Marhack Audiences that cover over 14 million domain traffic and 1.8 billion interest categories in 200+ countries. Reach audiences that most likely to be interested in your offerings. Leverage big data at scale minus the costs of acquisition and privacy maintenance infrastructure.
1 M+
Target websites
0 B
Interest audienes
Country coverage

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Growth stories and lessons

Inbox noise is a major problem. We are trying to fight it one Marhack growth digest at a time by delivering real value. Get actionable growth lessons and real-world success stories.


Marhack was created with a singular philosophy – that disruptive marketing needed to be democratized. In the last 8 years we have helped over 20 businesses achieve exponential growth.


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