— product marketing

Automation and analytics to convert, engage, up-sell and retain users better

Drive product adoption growth, capture web and mobile app behavioral data and increase revenue per customer.

Understand where your best users come from, increase LTV and revenue per customer

Exponentially increase the average LTV of your user base by elevating your in-product experience, setting up optimized onboarding, designing robust feature adoption funnels and instilling intelligent paywalls.

Attribute users to source

Identify churn risks

Uncover upsell opportunities


Find answers to questions that will help your business grow

Slice, dice and understand how each of your product’s features are used by your customers. Understand frequency, time per page/screen, churn or downgrade imminent behaviour and adoption trends.

action triggers

Understand which features to promote and which to deprecate based on user adoption and frequency.

Retroactive data insights

Make product development a data-driven process. Get retroactive data on any in-product event with select product solutions.


Generate more revenue by setting up optimized conversion funnels

Design conversion funnels for your customers and then use proactive guidance to channel them through. Extract more revenue and remove bottlenecks.

Frequency and access capping

Display in-product messages, set up automatic sales or support notifications and trigger nurturing sequences based on product usage analytics.

Guided paywalls

Guide users through to your ideal paywalls and drive value by increasing product feature usage.


Analyze your product, drive retention and brand advocacy

Understand how your customers are adopting your product's features, what kind of expectation gaps exist and provide powerful knowledge base content within the product.
In-product analytics

Analyze behavioral data, prioritize product roadmap, reduce time to insight, get retroactive analytics and remove data bottlenecks.

Surveys and quizzes

Run surveys, quizzes, NPS and feedback campaigns on targeted customer segments.

In-product help

Create, maintain and display help content in-product with smart content recommendation and search.


Market research, competitive analysis and data intelligence

Stay ahead of the curve with some of the industry’s most in-depth and reliable market research, competitive intelligence and industry benchmark figures. Empower your sales, marketing and support teams.

Competitive analysis

In-depth competitive feature, pricing, audience, marketing and brand analysis.

Customer discovery

Granular and reliable customer discovery to understand TAM, firmographic and demographic data.

Market intelligence

Get in-depth data and insights on how your competitors and others in industry are marketing their brands.

Sales & support enablement

Create stunning and helpful sales and support enablement training, content and product collateral.

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