Target, remarket and win customers on the biggest social media channels

Find your best customers, win back lost prospects and target competitors’ users efficiently with intelligent social advertising.

7.7 billion people connect with businesses on social media. We help you get in front of them.

More consumers and B2B decision makers are taking to social media every day than any other channel. Reach your target audience with laser-focused targeting and drive sales, leads and ultimately, revenue.

Set up the perfect autoresponders

Automatically nurture leads

Handoff hot leads to sales

– reach

Reach your target audience with granular precision

Truly take advantage of the hidden audience targeting mechanism of major social networks – from custom and lookalike audiences to geolocation, competitor targeting, demographic, buying intent, purchase behavior and life events- based targeting.

Lookalike and in-market audiences

Create effective lookalike audiences based on your website traffic, app usage and conversions. Target audiences similar to your best customers.

Precise remarket

Bring back cart abandons, past customers and casual browsers. Remarket traffic from other channels like search engine marketing and maximize audience touch points.

— dynamic

Showcase the right products and services in your ads

Automatically select the right ad copy, image and products to showcase out of hundreds of possible choices to come up with the right combination that drives conversions.

Dynamic ad content

Display the right ad content to each individual viewer based on engagement, ad frequency and a mix of other appropriate variables.

Behavoiral targeting

Target and advertise to difference audience segments based on historical engagement and on-site, in-app behavior.


Leverage Big Data with Marhack audiences

Take advantage of anonymized GDPR compliant Marhack Audiences that cover over 14 million domain traffic and 1.8 billion interest categories in 200+ countries. Reach audiences that most likely to be interested in your offerings. Leverage big data at scale minus the costs of acquisition and privacy maintenance infrastructure.
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Target websites
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Interest audienes
Country coverage
– conversions

Optimize for conversions that generate bottom-line revenue

Never boost a post or promote a tweet or picture again without directly attributable result. Create ads that are optimized for and pay for bottom-line conversions.

Measure conversion value

Set up and attribute the right conversion values to each of your desired ad objectives.

Value based remarketing

Remarket based on conversion values. Show different ads to audiences with different buying patterns.

We get social

Social media advertising is different from search engine marketing. While SEM is all about servicing an express need, social media advertising is about finding the right interest groups. We understand how to convert interest into intent and intent into purchase.

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Growth stories and lessons

Inbox noise is a major problem. We are trying to fight it one Marhack growth digest at a time by delivering real value. Get actionable growth lessons and real-world success stories.


Marhack was created with a singular philosophy – that disruptive marketing needed to be democratized. In the last 8 years we have helped over 20 businesses achieve exponential growth.


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