MarHack SAAS Growth Marketing


Attribute, analyze and optimize with confidence.

Take informed decisions that drive revenue growth, sales efficiency, higher retention and improve the ROI of your marketing investments with reliable data.

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A data and information infrastructure that fuels growth.

Understand where you are getting your best customers from, and how to retain them longer.

Track your most critical sales, marketing and product usage goals.

Accurately attribute key actions to the  right channels and campaigns.

Connect different sources and platforms in the most efficient manner.


Connect the missing dots in your information architecture.

See the big picture at a glance by connecting the dots between your customer’s entire lifecycle. Marhack creates reliable 360-degree attribution through intelligent integrations.


We use proven stacks that combine data-pipelining and data integrity best practices with industry-leading integration solutions that connect your various services and tools. 

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Understand true ROAS through accurate attribution.

Apply the right kind of attribution models and never lose tracking data again with foolproof caching, server-to-server event postback and UTM-based tracking.  Understand your true return on advertising spends.


We apply the right models by channel to accurately apply weighted attribution to different touchpoints a customer takes.


Always live, always insightful data dashboards that tell stories.

Bring your teams together with shared dashboards; or view private execute reports at the touch of a button. Visually consume complex customer data like never before.


We use advanced dashboarding solutions like Google Data Studio, Microsoft Power BI and Tableau that work seamlessly with your various business stacks.

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How is Marhack different?

Marhack applies years of proven SAAS growth strategies that are reverse engineered to drive ROAS-positive impact.

— We get SAAS

SAAS is in our DNA. We understand the dynamic of this business model better than most. 

— ROAS Driven and thrifty

Everything we do is reverse engineered to deliver positive ROAS and we do this by being thrifty.

— Channel and platform agnostic

No one platform or channel works for every business and so we remain agnostic in our preferences and choice of tools.