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Get more ROI out of the marketing, sales and data platforms you use

Over 80% of users do not utilize all the features offered by the solutions they purchase. Get more ROI out of the tools you pay for using Marhack’s optimized processes.​

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Get the platform you already used managed for you so you get the most out of the features and capabilities you are paying for. Discover some of our highlighted platforms below.
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Google Analytics

Get more value out of your Google Marketing Platform solution by implementing tried and tested setups and maintenance.

product marketing


Analyze user behavior across your sites and apps, send push notifications and email messages, run product adoption experiments with managed Mixpanel services.

product marketing


Marhack + Pendo Get more ROI out of your Pendo Product Cloud plans Get started Marhack’s platform solutions ensures you …

marketing automation

Email Marketing Platform Services

Fully managed service for the email marketing platform of your choice. From campaign management, design to automation and deliverability.

marketing automation

Oracle Marketing Cloud

Fully managed Oracle Marketing Cloud service, training, implementation and maintenance for the entire offering suite.

marketing automationproduct marketing


Managed omni-channel marketing, quantified revenue attribution, marketing into the existing customer base and more.


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