MarHack SAAS Growth Marketing


Managed SAAS growth stacks.

Grow your business on top of robust sales, marketing, retention and data intelligence stacks that  seamlessly work together.

Get yourself a reliable growth infrastructure.

Nimble growth stacks for sales, marketing and retention that seamlessly work together.

The right Martech stack custom-built and integrated that plays well with your budget and performs according to your needs.

Powerful sales solutions minus the bloat and expensive bills. Give your sales team the tools they need to convert deals.

The perfect toolset to support, retain and drive upsells for your support and account management team.


The most cost effective lead generation, advertising and nurturing stack.

Over 75% of marketing tools never get used by clients. Have a stack built for your business that your team will actually use and find value in – from campaign management to lead generation, web optimization, and everything in between.


We find the best solution sets according your business’s scale and feature depth requirements, and make them work together using native and third-party integrations.


Technology and processes to bulletproof your sales pipeline and convert more deals.

Seamlessly route and assign leads as they are generated, score leads and deals based on value and engagement, enhance the data around opportunities and close more revenue.


We combine the right tools at the right stage so as to avoid information overload while providing data and processes when your team actually needs them.


Tools to help you retain customers longer, increase LTV and crate brand advocates.

End to end stacks that onboard users, nurture them through their lifecycle, retain them and create more revenue opportunities.


We take time to understand your business model and revenue streams to create the perfectly weighted stack to increase retention, reduce support queries and improve on LTV.

Brand agnostic stacks that work according to your budget and goals.

We find and implement the right solution for your business based on your needs, budget and scale.

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How is Marhack different?

Marhack applies years of proven SAAS growth strategies that are reverse engineered to drive ROAS-positive impact.

— We get SAAS

SAAS is in our DNA. We understand the dynamic of this business model better than most. 

— ROAS Driven and thrifty

Everything we do is reverse engineered to deliver positive ROAS and we do this by being thrifty.

— Channel and platform agnostic

No one platform or channel works for every business and so we remain agnostic in our preferences and choice of tools.