MarHack SAAS Growth Marketing


Predictable, multichannel user growth.

Marhack takes a unique channel-agnostic approach to user acquisition; combining the best across search engine marketing, display and social, affiliate and programmatic ad placements to the acquire engaged users at economical costs. 

Cost-effective user acquisition growth that is reverse engineered to deliver positive ROAS.

User acquisition is a delicate art. We employ reliable channels and implement checks and balances in our strategy that ensures sustainable growth.

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Paid search that does not break your bank while delivering value.

Thrifty, highly efficient paid search campaigns based on deep competitive, keyword and buyer-intent research. Reach customers who are most likely to buy from you.


We form our paid search strategy based on in-depth competitive and industry research that highlight where your biggest opportunities are.


Pair intelligent display and social remarketing to drive top-of-the-funnel growth.

Effective retargeting, programmatic display and social advertising to amplify your paid search and organic marketing efforts that drive relevant brand awareness and top-of-the-funnel traffic.


We create layer in-market buyer and lookalike audiences and reverse engineer competitor placements to reach your ideal audience at highly economical costs.

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What we delivered in just the last 30 days.


End-to-end affiliate partner program delivery to drive exponential revenue growth.

Target the right publishers and affiliate partners who can drive incremental traffic and revenue to your business using models that are mutually beneficial. 


We identify industry influencers, dedicated niche publications and product integration partners to send you highly qualified traffic and drive conversions. 

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"We were able to scale our user growth by over 3x Q-o-Q by diversifying our acquisition channels from pure PPC to a multichannel strategy"

Susan G.
VP of Sales & Marketing

Channel agnostic and budget aware.

We are channel agnostic and extremely budget aware. Irrespective of your relative budget, we can drive incremental growth.

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How is Marhack different?

Marhack applies years of proven SAAS growth strategies that are reverse engineered to drive ROAS-positive impact.

— We get SAAS

SAAS is in our DNA. We understand the dynamic of this business model better than most. 

— ROAS Driven and thrifty

Everything we do is reverse engineered to deliver positive ROAS and we do this by being thrifty.

— Channel and platform agnostic

No one platform or channel works for every business and so we remain agnostic in our preferences and choice of tools.